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It's been 6 long months since I broke my foot working on my final residency project at Villa Terrace. After 6 weeks of no walking, I was faced with the unfortunate news that my break had been misdiagnosed and was indeed much more severe than initially thought. Cut to 5 months and 1 surgery later, I am now in my second stage of recovery and looking forward to what this spring will be bring for my art practice.  I have also relocated to Chicago for a new position and am excited to get to know the art scene and artists in this city.

I am happy to showcase the recent work purchased by the Forward Art Initiative for Planned Parenthood in Milwaukee. You can check out my profile regarding this project here.

Be sure to check out all the amazing artists here.

Although the recovery process has been slow, I have managed a few sketches for some upcoming work that you can see below. 

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