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About Caladium Wine

This is a love story, but not the Hollywood kind. It's the tale of Caladium wines, handcrafted with care by a young couple in the scenic region of Riverhead, New York. While the current incarnation of Caladium resides in Upstate NY, the story started over 10 years ago, in New York City and in Brazil. A winemaker from Sao Paulo, meets a boy during a trip to NY and takes a leap of faith. He moves across continents to be with his love, and in the heart of Riverhead, where picturesque vineyards thrive, Caladium wines come to life. It's a story that deserves a toast.

A symbol of love & life. 

Inspired by the heart-shaped caladium leaf, originally found in Brazil, this luxury wine brand captures the essence of love and devotion. With a focus on quality, they meticulously select the finest grapes, employing sustainable practices that honor the land they share. Each bottle tells a tale of heart felt authenticity, a testament to the couple's unwavering commitment. Through their unique journey, the flavors of Caladium wines emerge, reflecting the harmony of their love story and the natural beauty of the origins.


Caladium Pinot Noir

Caladium Pinot Noir reveals its true character as it unfolds on your palate. The velvety texture caresses your senses with notes of velvety mushrooms and rich mineral, while the well-integrated tannins add depth and structure to the wine like ancient tree trunks in a forest ecosystem. The sweet tang of ripe cherries is the perfect endnote.


Caladium Chardonnay

Caladium Chardonnay is an exquisite embodiment of natural splendor in a bottle. We’ve crafted a wine that transports you to a realm of earthy delight. With each sip, you are greeted by the crispness of pear, loam, and oak, as if the very essence of a sun-kissed vineyard has been captured and poured into your glass.


Caladium Rose

With Caladium Rosé, you can experience the perfect combo of strawberries and melons. These flavors intertwine to create a wine that captures the vibrant spirit of summertime. Raise your glass and revel in the delectable pleasures of these luscious fruits, as Caladium Rosé transports you to a world of sun-soaked indulgence and pure, fruity bliss.

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